Free Tarot

Free online tarot reading. Pick up cards and discover what you have to know about your future. You can ask all you want about love, money or any other topic.

Just concentrate, shuffle the deck and clik on the cards once to reveal it and a secind time to see its meaning.

You may have some document to sign. Will it be your wedding contract? Will it be the document of your baby?
One thing is sure, no one will sue you and if it is the case you should win.
Generaly speaking, Justice means stability, you will have a good life without any major issue for the next months.
Just you may have to make a decision and you will have to be sure of what you are doing. So do your research and everything should be fine.

You will lose your lawsuit. Someone will sur you and you will lose.
But also you will have to be careful because judges are not always fair. You think they make their decisions with hnesty but sometimes his personal belief may trump his honesty. In This case you will be victim of someone not dishonest.

Birth , victory, happiness, the sun show you all you can get in the future.
Why are you feeling unconfortable? The end of the tunnel is coming.
You are also leading your life with a good state of mind so keep going!

You want to relax in mother nature, take some holidays and show to everyone your success? Wait a minute, this is not coming now, sorry…

We can see someone young, wealthy and powerful. He has all what most of humain beings want. But it seems that he didn’t get this from his ancesters, he got it from his work. He is what we call a winner.
So you will be a winner or you will meet one of them soon.
This is one of the most positive card of the tarot because it means success and honesty, hapiness and health. Everything you want is here!

You will lose because of a lack of work. While your competitors will be working hard to get to the top, you will be lazy and will make wrong decisions.
We can say that your future will be dark because of a lack of luck or because of the crisis but not: it will be your fault.

He is powerful, he has high position in society. You will succeed in business, become someone important to people down to you. Your position will be quite difficult to hold because you will have to work hard to support the responsabilities which goes with such a good position. As a result you will not be able to manage family life and work at the same time.
That also means that if you meet a man, he will be rich for sure.
Make sure of what you want: wealth or love because with the emperor, you can not have both.

You will live a miserable life with someone who just care about his ambition. He just want to work and make more wealth but the thing is he will never be here for you. If you want a good father for your kids, this is not the right one because he will maybe able to pay for school but never be here to see the last one playing basketball. But this is the reverse card, so it even means that your emperor will have a lot of debts or will not be so rich in fact…

The best card of the tarot, the world brings you only good news. You will have success and all your dreams will be able to come true. Especialy in love and wealth. In health we can also say that everything should be ok but we don’t like to talk about this because it is special.
But normaly everything shoule be more than good whatever your question is.
What you will get will be tahnks to your work and your strength so keep going like that, you are in the right way or just stop and relax to enjoy your achievements, it’s up to you.

Even reverse this card is not really negative. It is just that what you are waiting for will take more time to come than expected.

Tarot cards

To practice divination with cards is not just a way to predict the future. For a lot of people, this can be used also as a guidance. Because if we have a look at the meanings and the symbols on each arcana we can see a lot of messages.

Made long time ago in Italy, this game became very fast a major fortune telling tool. Now it is for sure the most used tool after astrology. It’s true that even in Asia it is now used. Not bad for a small game coming from Dark Ages! When we see that we can say that if it is still so popular it must be for a good reason.

It is true that tarot always surprises by the quality of its answers. Even if we don’t like to talk about health issues, we have to say that it is not rare to see the tarot to predict death or disease.
Same for all other topics. That why tarot is so common in love. It is true that it has been designed a little bit for that since the beginning because it was still the period of the “courtly love”. This chivalrous spirit is a relic of the ancient time, when knights were proud to date women in the most courteous way.

Because at this time religion was hard with people but it never really controled people’s mind. Especially for love. We can do what we want, produce as many laws as we want, never love will be controled by any rule or anyone. So love is very present in the tarot.

Love in cards

We just said that it almost as been made for that. Imagine, you are a rich woman, living in Italy, you don’t have to work, your husband is powerful and an army of maidservants are here to do everything for you. You just have to call and you get what you want.
What’s the only thing exciting? Love of course. To date, to seduce and talk about love is the favorite game of the people at this time. That’s why it was in the first place in the cards.


Other topics

But there was not only love that could be seen in the cards. Wealth, power, spirituality, all the daily life of this time is represented in the cards.
That’s why it is so popular untill now: it represent life.

But not just for rich people, it symbolizes humain being’s mores in general.

And we can not fight mores, that’s why all whi tried, religious, politics, all failed. Because we can not control human.

That’s why you can ask all you want. The tarot will always answer you. Work, love, wealth but also spiritual guidance, this is an inexhaustible source of informations.
It is true that it as the reputation to push people who read tarot to make there own stories. It is true that it is really a Barnum effect here but it is true as well that tarot always gives surprising answers.