Free Tarot

Free online tarot reading. Pick up cards and discover what you have to know about your future. You can ask all you want about love, money or any other topic.

Just concentrate, shuffle the deck and clik on the cards once to reveal it and a secind time to see its meaning.

Birth , victory, happiness, the sun show you all you can get in the future.
Why are you feeling unconfortable? The end of the tunnel is coming.
You are also leading your life with a good state of mind so keep going!

You want to relax in mother nature, take some holidays and show to everyone your success? Wait a minute, this is not coming now, sorry…

Strenght is one of our favorite tarot card. It represent the ability to be brave, to be strong even if it is hard. Nothing is easy but you know you can do it and that is why you will be proud of yourself and people around will recognize you as a strong person. You will be respected.
But most of all you will achieve something big.

You will lose because of a lake of trainning anf courage.
Big things are difficult to achieve and it is normal to have some fear but you, you will not be able to overcome your fears and you will be defeated by someone stronger or maybe by yourself.

She is a woman of power. Sometimes she she owes her power to her husband, sometimes she owes her power to herself.
So if you have someone like her around you, you can respect her if she works a lot but if she is just a wife she doesn’t really deserve to be respected. But, in all case you will have to show her respect because she is powerful. Maybe the empress is you. It means that you will meet a good lover, someone rich and from high society or you will work so hard that you will become an empress in your field.

The reverse card symbolizes th bad wife, the woman who his powerful because of her husband but she never did anything by herself.
Just forget her, she is just a waste of time.
In love it means that someone is just looking for a rich man, high status because she doesn’t have any talent. Again, stay away from her because she will not look at you or racing against her is just endless. Also, in the worst case scenario, she can use her power to hurt you so let her in her corner.

In tarot reading death usualy means change, revolution.
in this case you will find a nex lover if you are single or your love life will change.
Maybe a baby will come, maybe you will move to another place.
At work change will be positive and you will get more knowledge or money.
Finaly you will get what you want and maybe change your lifestyle.

Death here can really means death. Maybe somene you know will die.
Usulay in love it means the end of the relationship. It leads to sadness and lonelyness.
Be careful to not make any mistake during this time that you could regret after. It is importrant to not act stupidly.
If you feel lonely, go to meet friends or family instead of the first man seen in a bar who will want to abuse of you. If you lost a lot of money, don’t try to gamble at casino, it will just bring you more problems.

He is powerful, he has high position in society. You will succeed in business, become someone important to people down to you. Your position will be quite difficult to hold because you will have to work hard to support the responsabilities which goes with such a good position. As a result you will not be able to manage family life and work at the same time.
That also means that if you meet a man, he will be rich for sure.
Make sure of what you want: wealth or love because with the emperor, you can not have both.

You will live a miserable life with someone who just care about his ambition. He just want to work and make more wealth but the thing is he will never be here for you. If you want a good father for your kids, this is not the right one because he will maybe able to pay for school but never be here to see the last one playing basketball. But this is the reverse card, so it even means that your emperor will have a lot of debts or will not be so rich in fact…

Tarot cards

To practice divination with cards is not just a way to predict the future. For a lot of people, this can be used also as a guidance. Because if we have a look at the meanings and the symbols on each arcana we can see a lot of messages.

Made long time ago in Italy, this game became very fast a major fortune telling tool. Now it is for sure the most used tool after astrology. It’s true that even in Asia it is now used. Not bad for a small game coming from Dark Ages! When we see that we can say that if it is still so popular it must be for a good reason.

It is true that tarot always surprises by the quality of its answers. Even if we don’t like to talk about health issues, we have to say that it is not rare to see the tarot to predict death or disease.
Same for all other topics. That why tarot is so common in love. It is true that it has been designed a little bit for that since the beginning because it was still the period of the “courtly love”. This chivalrous spirit is a relic of the ancient time, when knights were proud to date women in the most courteous way.

Because at this time religion was hard with people but it never really controled people’s mind. Especially for love. We can do what we want, produce as many laws as we want, never love will be controled by any rule or anyone. So love is very present in the tarot.

Love in cards

We just said that it almost as been made for that. Imagine, you are a rich woman, living in Italy, you don’t have to work, your husband is powerful and an army of maidservants are here to do everything for you. You just have to call and you get what you want.
What’s the only thing exciting? Love of course. To date, to seduce and talk about love is the favorite game of the people at this time. That’s why it was in the first place in the cards.


Other topics

But there was not only love that could be seen in the cards. Wealth, power, spirituality, all the daily life of this time is represented in the cards.
That’s why it is so popular untill now: it represent life.

But not just for rich people, it symbolizes humain being’s mores in general.

And we can not fight mores, that’s why all whi tried, religious, politics, all failed. Because we can not control human.

That’s why you can ask all you want. The tarot will always answer you. Work, love, wealth but also spiritual guidance, this is an inexhaustible source of informations.
It is true that it as the reputation to push people who read tarot to make there own stories. It is true that it is really a Barnum effect here but it is true as well that tarot always gives surprising answers.