Clairvoyance is something that as been done for centuries in China. I-Ching is one of those very old fortune telling which use hexagrams to prédict the future.

You can now use this tool to predict your future and get some quote to help you on your way. Look down here and discover your predictions.

1 qián Initiating
2 kūn Responding
3 zhūn Beginning
4 méng Childhood
5 Needing
6 sòng Contention
7 shī Multitude
8 Union
9 小畜 xiǎo chù 小畜 Little Accumulation
10 Fulfillment
11 tài Advance
12 Hindrance
13 同人 tóng rén 同人 Seeking Harmony
14 大有 dà yǒu 大有 Great Harvest
15 qiān Humbleness
16 Delight
17 suí Following
18 Remedying
19 lín Approaching
20 guān Watching
21 噬嗑 shì kè 噬嗑 Eradicating
22 Adorning
23 Falling Away
24 Turning Back
25 無妄 wú wàng 无妄 Without Falsehood
26 大畜 dà chù 大畜 Great Accumulation
27 Nourishing
28 大過 dà guò 大过 Great Exceeding
29 kǎn Darkness
30 Brightness
31 xián Mutual Influence
32 héng Long Lasting
33 dùn Retreat
34 大壯 dà zhuàng 大壮 Great Strength
35 jìn Proceeding Forward
36 明夷 míng yí 明夷 Brilliance Injured
37 家人 jiā rén 家人 Household
38 kuí Diversity
39 jiǎn Hardship
40 xiè Relief
41 sǔn Decreasing
42 Increasing
43 guài Eliminating
44 gòu Encountering
45 cuì Bringing Together
46 shēng Growing Upward
47 kùn Exhausting
48 jǐng Replenishing
49 Abolishing The Old
50 dǐng Establishing The New
51 zhèn Taking Action
52 gèn Keeping Still
53 jiàn Developing Gradually
54 歸妹 guī mèi 归妹 Marrying Maiden
55 fēng Abundance
56 Travelling
57 xùn Proceeding Humbly
58 duì Joyful
59 huàn Dispersing
60 jié Restricting
61 中孚 zhōng fú 中孚 Innermost Sincerity
62 小過 xiǎo guò 小过 Little Exceeding
63 既濟 jì jì 既济 Already Fulfilled
64 ䷿ 未濟 wèi jì 未济 Not Yet Fulfilled

Hexagrams meanings

1- You will be creative. Your  for you the bes moment will be in the next 3weeks up to next three months. If you are an artist, that’s the moment to be famous.

2- Instead of talkin why don’t you listen? You will have to learn and to be like a sponge to get wise.

3- When we start something it is never easy. It will be the same for you, you will not be successful at the first try. This one will just be a try, keep going and the best will come.

4- you will remember when you was young. It was a great time and you will need to have this feeling back. Just remember that past is past…

5- You think that money can fall from the sky? That love can appear at the corner street? No, you have to get up and work for it.

6- War is coming. Betwen you and an ennemy or maybe with your partner. Be careful.

7- Time to choose your side. You will not be able to stand in the middle like that. Make a decision.

8- Mariage, partnership, beginning of a new relationship. In love or business, you will be two in the way of success.

9- Sometimes smaller is better. When a giant will not be able to move fast, a small one will be able to take shortcuts. So better to be able to adapt than to get stuck.

I ching meaning

10- Sign your contract. take care to read it and sign it, time as come to settle things down.

11- Every conflict, every war has to come to an end. It is time for peace.

12- You will not move a lot next weeks and months. It can be negative, maybe not. Sometimes it is good to take time to breath but just don’t stay like this forever.

13- Friendship with men. You will feel good among a group of good friends.

14- Your wealth will skyrocket. You will be rich but it seems that you will want to possess more than to invest. Be more smart, don’t putt all your money in things you don’t need.

15- You will hide your knowledge, you will think that it can be unapropriate to show how smart you are. Just be natural, don’t do too much and things will be ok.

16- You will have a lot of energy. You will want to do more tah usual. Great, take this oportunity to work for your future!

17- You can follow advice and wise men. Be careful to not follow the wrong person. Some of them can just lead to a dead end or to a fall.

18- You will have to get up again. After a fall it can be hard but you can and you will do it.

19- You will wonder how you can solve this problem. This is the correct way to do things: first look at the problem, think about it and go!

20- You will need some time to look at the world around you. Just stop for a while and look around, you will feel better after a relax.

21- No problem, you can win if you find on you the strenght to do it.

22- You will find something beautiful. A woman, a perfect place, something which will be heaven for you.

23- Time has come to separate. Break up is sometimes the best and the only solution to solve a problem.

24- Go back to the roots. You are in the wrong way or someone will come back.

25- Someting unexpected will happen. You are not guilty, this is just destiny.

26- Only great things can be done. If you look small, this time, it will not be enough. You have to think big.

27- Your spirituality will be feed with wise quotes. Just don’t stay to long in that stage, after that, think about moving and apply what you learn.

28- You will discover that you can make great things. Just do it!

29- You will need to clean yourself and to regenerate. Relax, clean your mind from all those bad things and restart, you will feel better after that.

30- You will be hot, you will be horny. Just let you instinct lead and take pleasure now because you never know what tomorow will be.

31- You will follow a guru. Be careful, this influence can be good, or maybe not…

32- Best things last longer. Do your best to work and build somthing solid on good basis. After that you will be able to enjoy the fruit of your work for the rest of your life.

33- Sometimes you have to accept your defeat. That’s the rule in life, better to step back and stay alive than keep going to the wall and die.

34- Only someone powerful can help you. You can do it yourself if you think you are strong enough but it will be hard.

35- You will progress. Just don’t be affraid to move on.

36- Someone will die slowly, some love will die slowly, something will go to an end and it will be hard to reverse the process.

37- Family will be your priority. You will need to focus on those who count.

38- Two things will face each other. It cane be good, it can be bad. That’s life. You need to know your side. You can not stay forever in the middle, this time, you will have to face it.

39- You will face an obstacle on your way. Be strong, you can face it.

40- The end of a long tunnel. Finish for you to be stressed, anxious. Now you will feel good and healthy.

41- Something will decrease. Is it bad? If you are ready for it, maybe it will beeasy to go through or just it is the logical process of life.

42- You will increase. Love relationship, money, the time is perfect to grow.

43- You will make the good decision. For you the next weeks will be crucial because you will male the right choice.

44- Someone is coming for you. You will meet an old friend or your destiny is putting your lover on your way.

45- Soon you will be invited to a big gathering. Don’t stay at home, it will be good for you to meet people and to go out for a while.

46- Look up not down. The solution is not on your feet, it is in the sky. You need high goals to get high.

47- Your relationship is not feeling good. Your partner is watching you, to always have someone behind your shoulder is not a good situation. You will have to make a decision, even maybe to break-up.

48- Be careful to not put yourself in a situation where you will be stuck. If you fall in the hole, it maybe be to difficult to reach the surface. So take time to watch your steps.

49- You have to change completly. If you love someone, if you want to succeed, you have to change. Just moving a little bit is not enough in this case.

50 – Very good! You will have good fortune, you will be lucky. In order to make money, you will need a good star and it will be there is your sky. Same for love.

51- You will be shocked. A news will come, an accident will happen, nothing to do against, it will be.

52- A mountain is appearing in the horizon. You can get over it, don’t worrie you are strong. After that you will be proud and you will feel very god.

53- Thing will follow their way. As a river which follows its way, you will follow yours step by step.

54- Your relationship is going very well. A wedding is pointing its noise in the horizon.

55- Money, love, sexuality, you will be full. Your life will be full of joy and happiness.

56- You will travel. The journey will leads to a better knowledge. It can be traveling for real, to another country or in your spirituality.

57- Some good vibes will blow your mind. Because you will discover the power of love.

58- Relax, everything will be smooth, you will be able to have some rest. If you are wondering how you can solve this problem, the answer is calmly. Stay calm and everything will be ok.

59- Your contract with someone or something will be broken. Maybe it is a good news, you will be free, maybe not, you will be alone…

60- You can do what you want within being in certain limits. Don’t cross the line, repect the law and everything will be fine.

61- You will find the truth. The truth is inside, is hidden. If you find the solution too fast it means that you are wrong.

62- Think small. Normaly we say the contrary but in this case, being small will make you be quick. You will be able to move faster and change direction faster dans anyone else.

63- You will find your answers after to complain. If you don’t ask for it with all your heart, no one will listen to you. So you have some rights.

64- Before to sign, check again if everything fine. You can have some surprises and discover some mistakes.